Positive Training creates positive results

Training is teaching your Dog to share a common language or words and signals.
As with any communication you and your Dog need to understand each other, and when you do, you will be amazed at just how clever Dogs really are and what can be accomplished.

We now know far more not just about how Dogs experience the world through their senses, but also about how they communicate with each other (and us) through body language. We’re learning more about a Dogs’ emotional experiences and the ways in which people have been misinterpreting key signs from them over the past few decades.

Understanding your Dog’s experience and gaining insight into how his mind works can truly make you a better teacher, caregiver and companion to him. Seeing the world from your Dog’s perspective will help promote communication and enhance the relationship between you.

At Dog Logics, we treat every Dog as an individual. Like humans, each Dog has its own way of learning and we draw on techniques that work with the Dog’s temperament, instinct and learning ability.

Whilst working with all owner and Dog combinations, we also consider the owner’s level of skill and knowledge when putting together a successful training program. Scientific based positive and humane training methods are used at all times.

If your Dog has any of the following problems:

Jumps on everyone

Pulls on the lead

Won’t come when called

Barks continually

Destroys items in the house

Is aggressive towards other Dogs or people

Exhibits anxiety when left at home

Excessive mouthing or biting

Inappropriate toileting

Or is simply not responding to training

Make that call today, decide for yourself which way you want to train your best friend. Come along and train at our Stoneville facilities nestled in the hills of Mundaring. Weather is not a problem as we have both a fully undercover inside arena as well as two outdoor arenas.

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