“We are absolutely thrilled with George’s behaviour. He now comes in from outside on command and runs to the door to have his harness put on for walks, allows us to pick him up when needed. His eating habits have improved too.We wanted to thank you so much for your help and advice with Georgie its made life just so normal, we sing your praises to everyone.”
Laurie Parker.
“Jacquie is a wonderful teacher and I really couldn’t recommend her enough. I particularly appreciate her understanding of the various breeds and teaching us the ways they learn. I am delighted Jacquie understands my breed, the boxer. We will definitely be undertaking more group courses and learning the skill of tracking from Jacquie! Thanks Jacquie.”
Julie Peeler.

“Had the best time ever with Jacquie. Absolutely thoroughly recommend Dog Logics. Lily and I had a ball. Lots and lots of learning and loved meeting you Jacquie. Definitely will be coffee every couple of weeks.”
Michelle Redfern
“Just completed 6 weeks puppy classes which was once again fantastic for our new puppy, will be doing more lessons as I think 6 weeks is not enough. Our previous Dog Wags did 18 weeks of lessons with Jackie and he was the best Dog we ever had, he never chased roos, ran up to other Dogs or people when off lead, he would sit and stay till I gave command to move.”

Elanor Snook

“We have all learnt some valuable lessons (most of them common sense) from you which will stay with us forever.”

Beth McEwan

“Our Dog has now passed the basic course and will now progress to a more advanced level with our teacher Jacquie Humphrey. Jacquie is an absolutely wonderful teacher who is inspirational and highly positive and highly skilled at her profession. Thank you again!”
John, Emily and Della Franca

“I want to thank you for all your hand work, patience, love and care which you have shown in your Dog training classes. I have really enjoyed training Jack, and because of your practical help, Jack has turned into a lovely little Dog. God Bless.”
Lynn & Jack Dennis

“Steve and I would like to thank you sincerely for your guidance over the past 18 months. This experience will stand us in good stead for the future.”
Sue & Steve + Chrissie & Shawod

“I want to thank you for your style of training, the clarity, the encouragement, and the nurturing of both Dogs and the owners.”
Anne Wylde

“We’d like to tell you how very much we have enjoyed the classes with Amie and Dee. It’s been really interesting learning more about our Dogs and just increases our love for them even more. We look forward to more of the same in the following classes.”
Beryl, Peter Amie and Dee

“Thank you so much for all this information, we are taking Marco this morning to visit our vet. I will most certainly let you know the outcome. You’re just great! Thank you, people like me who have no idea need the support of your expertise, so I really appreciate it.”
Jo Dutton

“I think you will find that everyone loves you stealing their Dog! Its great fun watching what you can get them to do and really brings home how intelligent they are. I could listen to and watch you all day; I find it all really interesting.
Thanks again, see you in a couple of weeks.”
Karin Thomas