Track & Scent Work

Scent Work Training 014

Tracking, for a Dog is a natural and normal thing to do. But for most handlers and instructors it can be very frustrating. Many handlers lose heart, and also lose confidence in their Dog, which is the main cause for failure.Having competed in many fields of Dog sport I see a bond that is so special and only seen between Dog and his handler when tracking. Tracking requires a good understanding between the handler and his Dog in order to make it possible and to be successful. To take up tracking means the handler must be willing to follow the Dog in his world and accept that in this area he is superior.

Of course, Dogs have an excellent ability to smell, but we have to teach him to follow a human track. We have to train the Dog to understand what we want him to do. The only way to compete successful is to train your Dog correctly.

Tracker Dog training takes time, commitment and a sound knowledge of how a Dog uses its nose, how scent patterns work, the effects of age, weather, terrain, wind and above all how to train in components.

With eleven years tracking my own Dogs German Shorthaired Pointer Itsabreeze Hi Cedar TDX (Chilli), Border Collies Borderquest Enuffs Enuff TD (Punch) and Tracking Champion Lillydale Shep TSD (Shep), Whippet x JRT Tracking Champion Patch TSD (Patch) and the new kid on the block Basenji cross Sproggy TD I have learnt so much and enjoyed every moment. For a period of time I was training with the SES with my area search Dog Australian Shepherd Borderquest Backchat (Kobi) a whole new world of free search and so much more to learn about the Dogs ability to scent.

I’ve been honoured to instruct wonderful clients Marilyn Retamal with her Red Cloud Kelpie Chilli CD. TD and her Irish Wolfhound Tracking Champion Buddy, Sue Prance with her Border Collie Zac TXD who also went onto SES Search Dog work. I thank them and all those I have assisted while instructing at Trackwest Tracking Club (INC) for the knowledge I have gained in helping them enjoy the wonderful world of tracking.

If you would like to find out about tracking with your Dog or perhaps compete then give me a call. Perhaps you are experiencing problems when tracking and competing lets work together to get you and your Dog winning!