K9 Companion Private Course

 All Breeds and all ages

This course helps owners to a better understanding of how to keep their Dogs attention on them rather than on other distractions such as barking Dogs, loose Dogs, cyclist and to be able to work off lead.

Successful training is about raising criteria in small increments and breaking behaviour down into small steps so that the Dog can learn easily. Training fails because the owner asks for too much too soon and has unrealistic expectations for their Dogs.

During the six week program you will learn how to train your Dog to respond to commands the first time, to walk politely on lead, pay attention to the handler when asked, how to build a reliable recall and train your Dog to stay which is one of the most important exercises to have when keeping your Dog safe.

You and your Dog will learn to communicate with each other building a sound canine/human bond. Enrol now and learn how to train your Dog to be the best he can be.

Email support is available throughout the course.

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6 x 1 hour one-on-one sessions weekly or fortnightly