Beyond the Basic Workshops

Open to All Breeds and ages.

Come and have fun while learning to training your dog many different skills. Build your confidence and your dog’s reliability on such things as RELIABLE RECALL, STUNNING HEELWORK. Add enrichment to your dog’s life by learning how to train your dog how to RETRIEVE, TRACK PEOPLE, DETECTION (SCENT/NOSE WORK) and so much more.

Workshops are held once a month and will be on one topic. You will learn multiple ways to teach your dog so do any exercise. Dogs are like people in that they all have individual learning styles. If you have problems getting your dog to come when called then the RELIABLE RECALL will be the workshop for you. I will help you to find which method of training will get you the results you dream of.

Beyond the Basic - Workshops run for 3 to 4 hours depending on the topic. Numbers are limited to 8 dogs/handlers.

Call for no obligation information on this year’s workshops.