Beyond the Basic Classes

Open to All Breeds and ages. (Level 3)

Come and have fun while learning to train your Dog to be reliable off lead. Suitable for all Dogs and all ages. This class will build confidence in your Dog as well as fitness while providing mental enrichment to your Dog’s life.

This course is divided into Obedience training which is working towards having your Dog off lead and will vary depending on the breed so everyone works at their own pace. Lessons also include retrieving, nose work which is scent work and a lot of fun for Dogs as they can use their natural scenting ability.Flexibility classes using Cavaletti and the K9 Commando which involves jumping and climbing obstacles in other words loads of fun.

For the action classes Dogs run in individual  turns making it safe for Dogs that don’t get on with other Dogs or are fearful of other Dogs. The fun sessions provide opportunity for owners to meet likeminded people and enjoy some social time too.

Dogs need to be at least 6 months old and will start on fitness exercises without impact on growing bones. Dogs aged 12 months and over can attend without prior jumping experience. Senior Dogs can also attend and they can work at a level suitable for their age and fitness.

All jumps and obstacles are designed for safety and Dogs will work at levels to suit their age and needs.

Course 6 x 1 hour lessons.

Call now for information and prices, all obligation free.