Training is teaching your dog to share a common language of words and signals.
As with any communication you and your dog need to understand each other, and when you do, you will be amazed at just how clever dogs really are and what can be accomplished.
At Dog Logics, I treat every dog as an individual. Like humans, each dog has its own way of learning and I like to draw on techniques that work with the dog’s temperament, instinct and learning ability.
Whilst working with all owner and dog combinations, I also consider the owner’s level of skill and knowledge when putting together a successful training program.
If your dog has any of the following problems
Jumps on everyone
Pulls on the lead
Won’t come when called
Barks continually
Destroys items in the house
Is aggressive toward other dogs or people
Exhibits anxiety when left alone
Excessive mouthing or biting
Inappropriate toileting
Or is simply not responding to training
Make that call today, decide for yourself which way you want to train your best friend. Come along and train at our facilities nestled in the hills of Mundaring. Weather is not a problem as we have both a fully undercover inside arena as well as a huge outdoor arena.
Dog Logics
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Mobile: 0417 980 614

“Jacquie, thank you for all your help with both Gaucho and Tuesday. We have all learnt some valuable lessons (most of them common sense) from you which will stay with us forever.”
– Beth McEwan

“Our dog has now passed the basic course and will now progress to a more advanced level with our teacher Jacquie Humphery. Jacquie is an absolutely wonderful teacher who is inspirational and highly positive and highly skilled at her profession. Thank you again!”
– John, Emily and Della franca

“I want to thank you for all your hand work, patience, love and care which you have shown in your dog training classes. I have really enjoyed training Jack, and because of your pratical help, Jack has turned into a lovely little dog.” God Bless.
– Lynn & Jack Dennis